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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> casey anthony will be out of jail in less than a week. she was found not guilty on tuesday of killing her daughter. she was sentenced this morning on lesser charges for lying to investigators. it seems like these tensions sentenced on this, too, has people fuming.
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>> some thought that because she was acquitted on the felony charges and was only being sentenced on misdemeanor charges that she would walk today. however, she will remain behind bars for another six days. she will be released next wednesday. sitting stoically in court casey anthony learned that she will remain behind bars. >> i will sentence to two one year in the orange county jail imposing a one dozen dollars fine on each -- a $1,000 fine on each count. >> she was given four years in jail. she will get credit for the almost three years she has served. >> four distinct separate lies
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-- just as the jury spoke loud and clear on charges 1 2 3, 4, they also spoke loud and clear on the remaining counts. >> pager #3 said that there were too many unanswered questions to convict anthony on the murder charge. >> if she was charged on other things, would probably cut of -- we probably could have gotten a guilty charge, but not on first- degree murder. >> she could face other legal troubles. this morning prosecutors asked for repayment on the case, asking her for payment for the costly investigation.
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a woman with the same name now has filed a lawsuit. >> thank you. did the jury get it right? was the judge's sentence fair? you can post your comments for now on our website a busy commute in prince george's county after a pedestrian accident. >> a pair of shoes a black purse, and a broken windshield serve as a reminder to pedestrians of just how dangerous a morning walk can be. >> this does not make any sense at all. >> prints to george's county police say that about 5:30 a.m., a woman was walking across busy
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landover road when she was hit by this toyota camry. the victim died at the scene. she has been identified as lilia whitfield of landover. >> we do not know at this time if she was in the crosswalk or not. >> people who live and work in this area tell me that they're not surprised the somebody was struck and killed. people drive down this suburban roadway as if it were the beltway. >> it is not the beltway. >> police feel that they do not feel that speed or alcohol were a factor in this case. the have not filed any charges against the driver. they are asking everyone to be more careful. >> it is a busy time. it is still dark. people are rushing to work whether it is vehicle or pedestrian. we do want people to be careful whether they are walking or driving.
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typical summertime here in washington. it is hot and humid and we are monitoring a chance for storms. >> good afternoon to you watching at home. we mainly have garden variety stuff, just a few downpours and very slow moving systems. there is a much better chance of widespread rain tomorrow. otherwise, it is hot and humid day. it is 90 degrees in the district and at the dulles and culpeper. you will feel that humidity. some scattered storms still being -- storms developing in the midday. not everybody will see a storm. it will be dotting the landscape
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here and there. it is very smallslow-moving. congressional leaders are meeting with president obama at this hour, try to work out a deficit-reduction deal. trillions of dollars are all potentially at stake. >> the contentious debate on how to tackle the deficit has reached the final stage. congressional leaders sat down with the white house -- at the white house with president obama. president obama and speaker boehner had been considering a deal that would cut $4 trillion over the next 10 years. but both parties would have to make significant concessions. that could mean agreeing to close huge tax holes and a tax reduction in order to increase
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revenues. >> it would make america more competitive, help create jobs in our country and it is something that is under discussion. >> for democrats that means signing off to maquettes on medicare, medicaid, and social security. >> democrats, suck it up. make sure, at the end of the day, these are still programs that serve the public. >> senior republicans expressed doubts that anything resembling a tax increase could pass the house. next week, as republicans, will not support tax increases. >> the democrats have ruled out cuts to medicare and social security. >> pour, middle class and seniors are already strapped. >> it does not tackle the deficit in a meaningful way. in order to reach a big deal, both sides may need to blink.
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>> one day after president obama became the first commander in chief to live tweet one of his 20s will challengers -- one of his 2012 challengers will host a facebook form in her window iowa. morgan stanley says it has lost two cds containing client information. it has social security numbers personally controls, account and a tax id numbers. they were lost while in transit to a government agency. morgan stanley is notifying affected customers. homeland security officials say al qaeda may be trying a new tactic to fool airport security. surgically in planting explosives inside the body of a
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suicide bomber. the tsa is warning that the so- called belly bomb is designed to get around airport screening methods. >> we have a precautionary matter with their foreign counterparts and the u.s. citizens to fly overseas. >> they are not sure it would be enough to bring down an airplane. the white house says it is not surprising that terrorist groups are looking into body bombs. a creighton diner is cleaning up after -- a wheaton diner is cleaning up after an overnight car crash. the driver was not seriously hurt. mavy matra can help
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alleviate the traffic issues that are predicted -- maybe metro can help alleviate the traffic issues that are predicted. they're looking at bus lines. many leaders are worried that the thousands of additional employees will create gridlock. campaign finances are under the microscope. the d.c. board of elections is holding a hearing on allegations that brown failed to report thousands of dollars in contributions and expenses. the board could decide to find him or freeporeport to the bureau. a grizzly bear kills a tourist. coming to america -- prince
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william and kate middleton begin their north american tour. the countdown is on for the atlanta's final launch. all of that and a look at the
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a grizzly bear has killed a hiker in yellowstone park. it happened yesterday in wyoming. many trash can sites and roads in the park foreclosed. visitors are being kept out for their own safety. >> one of the country's most beautiful landscapes is still
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very wild. it was here on yellowstone's trail where a couple came face- to-face with a grizzly bear. the wife told officials that she and her 57-year-old has been found a mother bear with cubs in the distance, but continued walking. in an instant the baird charge them attacking and killing the has been -- the bareear charged them attacking and killing the husband. >> mauling are rare. >> this is the first time that there has been a bear-caused human fatality in 50 years. >> someone has been attacked pretty badly. >> 40a man was killed while
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sleeping in a tent. >> i think that would motivate the parade instinct that the animals do have. >> so far, the hikers name has not been released. but officials say they will not try to capture or kill the mother bear because while it is a tragedy, she was doing what a mother bear would naturally do, protect her cubs. a funeral today at 2:00 p.m. -- family and friends will say goodbye to a family killed by an allegedly drunk driver. they died june 26. the pickup truck slammed into the family's car. the dali lama is in washington. it was kicked off at the verizon
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center. saturday morning at 9:30 a.m., he will be giving and talk free and open to the public on the west lawn of the capital. we are just hours away from the final flight of the space shuttle atlantis. and the end of the whole shuttle program. atlantis is scheduled to lift off from kennedy space center around 11:20 a.m. tomorrow. last night visitors were talking about the final flight with mixed emotion. >> part of me is excited and proud of me as said. there's so much history wrapped up in this program. >> the shuttle discovery will go on display next april. as for atlantis, rain and thunderstorms could delay tomorrow's scheduled liftoff. it it does not blastoff by sunday, nasa will have to wait until at least july 16.
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16 d.c. high school students will be at the lodge. they will be leaving from reagan national airport at this hour. it is part of a partnership that the district college access program has. our team will have complete coverage of the launch. we will be reporting live from cape canaveral beginning tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. we were talking about what it takes to cancel a launch. >> it does not take that much. it will clear out but they need the reins. the entire southern tier of the u.s. is dry. we are abnormally dry in the
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metro area. but we have some beneficial rain coming tomorrow. there will be a few downpours later on today. take a look at the fog. that was in gaithersburg. notice how it lifted up and cleared out. we're starting to get some of those fairweather patchy cumulus clouds. there will continue to develop. this is the cloud cover that we typically get on a normal july day. that means it is hot and muggy. the dewpoint for the most part are in the mid-to-upper-60's. reagan national right now is 90 degrees. so far this is our 19th day of 90 degrees and up. last year, we had the all-time record time of 67 days for the
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season. we average about 36 days of 90 degrees. a few little blips on the radar screen in southern pennsylvania which is typical in the higher terrain, and on those ridges and valleys. we will see that into west virginia as well in the early afternoon. there will be more scattered action locally. it will be enormously wrong today. there is that action down in florida. part of it is a typical atmosphere disturbance in the middle of the sky. that will track of the eastern seaboard through tomorrow and into early part of saturday. it will spin up a coastal low pressure system. that will be to our east. coming in for the west is an upper level trough. there will be a squeeze play here in d.c. and the whole 95 corridor giving us an enhanced chance of showers and
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thunderstorms. it will finally taper off as we go into late morning saturday. some stores may linger into the nighttime hours. we will call them intermittent showers tomorrow. it will not be an all-day rain. it will be on and off in nature, starting from the morning and into saturday morning. some of the storms could be strong or severe, especially in the afternoon to mark with the high schooler in the mid-80's. -- with the highest cooler in the mid-80's. >> thank you. brace yourself. we have new details about an incredible story of survival. just and crashed his motorcycle last thursday night. he was knocked unconscious. when he woke up, he realized he had hurt his back and could not move or should not move. he tried to call for help, but his cell phone was knocked out
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of reach. he spent 20 hours trying to drag it towards him with a stake. he was finally able to call -- with a stick. he was finally able to call his brother to help him. the world when tour starts tomorrow. a legendary soap opera star spectacu
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get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. let's look at was trending on a lot of people are logging on to read about casein and sentencing. a man was caught with a blow
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ball in a closet. and there was the mass of the storm in arizona. prince william and kate are wrapping up their trip to canada. there will be heading to the united states. they will spend the day in calgary attending a rodeo. then they will be flying to los angeles tomorrow to spend the weekend in california. the royal couple will help promote british trade and the country's film interest in hollywood. they will also take part in a polo match in santa barbara. we will have a final look
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every year, for eight years, thousands of people to their best to out run dangerous animals. nobody was gored in this year's annual running of the bulls in spain. the annual festival dates back to 1951. i think you have to be crazy to do that. i would do the whole tomato throwing thing. let's look at our forecast. tomorrow showers churning late morning and into saturday. sunday is the better of the two days. >>
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